Under Construction
When: May 16 - 19, 2012
Where: Studio Theatre

Under Construction

Written by    Charles L. Mee
Directed byJeff Grace

Under Construction is inspired by the Norman Rockwell covers on the Saturday Evening Post in the 1950s and the installation artwork of Jason Rhoades in the early 21st century. The play is a collage of scenes, from both then and now, that compares Frank Sinatra’s crooning, Ann Bannon’s pulp fiction, and Allen Ginsberg’s beat poetry to contemporary hard rock music, alternate images of sexuality, and other icons of popular culture. Rather than follow a standard plot with specific characters, Under Construction weaves together multiple figures and stories to build a landscape of an ‘essential’ America, its open society, and the many possibilities it affords to anyone at anytime.

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The EnsembleSam Auch
Kathleen Donoghue
Jack Dryden
Chloë Luetkemeyer
Isaac Miller
Nellie Ognacevic
Neil Phelps
Andrew Purvis
Avery Wigglesworth

Production Staff

DirectorJeff Grace
Stage ManagerLiz Picurro
Assistant Stage ManagersEmily Ioppolo
Jesse Mitchell
Dance CaptainAvery Wigglesworth
DramaturgesAllisen Diamond
Madeline Mandel
Technical DirectorCraig Choma
Assistant Technical DirectorSam Newport
Scene DesignersCraig Choma
Marina Capizzi
Scenery/ Lighting StaffHannah Black
Marina Capizzi
Ivy Reid
Jack Dryden
Emily Harvey
Rebekah Heusel
Avecena Hollingsworth
Liz Picurro
Paul Kenney
Emily Cooney
Jacob Schneider
Nathan Johlas
Scene Shop VolunteersNicholas Chapin
Jordyn Stewart
Chloë Luetkemeyer
Katrina Rudolph
Sarah Tillery
Bridget Golembiewski
Run CrewEmily Ioppolo
Jesse Mitchell
Costume DesignersMargo Shively
Hannah Compton
Costume Shop ForemanAisha Mergaert
Costume Studio AssistantsErin Besaw
Lena Brandis
Pat Topping
Kathleen Donoghue
Franzesca Mayer
Kathleen O'Connor
Paul Lurenz III
Miranda Loeber
Hannah Compton
Lighting DesignerIvy Reid
Master ElectriciansIvy Reid
Rebekah Heusel
Lighting Board OperatorLiz Picurro
Sound DesignerEmily Harvey
Sound/ Videography OperatorEmily Harvey
PropertiesMarina Capizzi

Administrative Staff

ChairpersonElizabeth Carlin-Metz
House ManagersAlyssa Gill
D'Angelo Smith
ReservationsMarina Capizzi
Box OfficeMarina Capizzi
Poster DesignErin Ford
ProgramsJeff Grace
Marina Capizzi
Allegra Print
PublicityPeter Bailley
UshersStudent Volunteers
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