Twelfth Night
When: February 22 - 25, 2012
Where: Harbach Theatre

Twelfth Night

Written by    William Shakespeare
Directed byElizabeth Carlin-Metz

Viola: What country friends is this?
Captain: This is Illyria, Lady.
Viola: And what should I do in Illyria?

Masquerade as a boy page, fall in love with a Duke, court the lady he loves in his stead, try to disengage the amorous advances of the beloved Duke's beloved lady, fight a duel with a besotted sot, confuse a mystified sea captain, and hope a shipwrecked brother has survived...  Lovers and pranksters, mistaken identities (and genders), disguised ladies who have given up on men, and a cross-gartered, moonstruck Puritan lacking a sense of humor populate a charmed tale of misdirected love and mischief. "If music be the food of love, play on!"

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ViolaAvery Wigglesworth
RevelerGrace Moran
SebastianChristopher Bakka
FestesNellie Ognacevic
RevelerBenjamin Yoder-Henley
Sir Toby BelchRobert David Carey
Sir Andrew AguecheekIsaac Miller
MariaJosephine Dudek
Antonio/ Fight CaptainNeil Phelps
Captain/ OfficerJonathan Plotnick
RevelerSam Auch
OliviaRose Dolezal
Duke OrsinoJack Dryden
Curio/ ValentineSteve Selwa
RevelerRodrigo Arcibar
FabiaJordyn Stewart
Malvolio/ SailorAlex Joseph Lindgren

Production Staff

DirectorElizabeth Carlin-Metz
Stage ManagerMarina Capizzi
Assistant Stage ManagersRebekah Heusel
Katrina Rudolph
Assistant Technical DirectorSamantha Newport
Props MasterKathryn Haynes
Scenery & Lighting StaffCraig Choma
Accordian & MelodicaJake Hawrylak
MandolinJosh Hosmer-Quint
Music Director & ComposerSam Brownson
Sousaphone, Trombone & DramaturgJackie Hewelt
Fight ChoreographerBarbara Seifert
Assistant Fight ChreographerJJ Gatesman
ChoreographerKyla Tully
Costume DesignerFranzesca Mayer
Costume Shop Supervisor & Faculty DesignerMargo Shively
Sound DesignerEmily Harvey
Costume Shop CrewLena Brandis
Hannah Compton
Kathleen O'Connor
Kathleen Donoghue
Alyssa Kennamer
Evelyn Langley
Miranda Loeber
Paul Lurenz III
Aisha Mergaert
Pat Topping
Scene Shop CrewNathan Johlas
Hannah Black
Avecena Hollingsworth
Jacob Schneider
Emily Cooney
Sarah Tillery
Ivy Reid
Liz Picurro
Emily Harvey
Jack Dryden
Paul Kenney
Steve Galdek
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