Three Sisters
When: November 4 - 7, 2009
Where: Harbach Theatre

Three Sisters

Written by    Anton Chekhov
Directed byNeil Blackadder

Written in 1901, Three Sisters is set in a provincial 19th-century Russian town. While three sisters long to return to Moscow, the imperial capital, their lives intersect with those of the military officers and others who frequent their home. The Knox production of Three Sisters is using the translation by Kristin Johnsen-Neshati. "Chekhov's dramatic realism captures how ordinary men and women live, love, work, and hope. His characters experience a full range of emotional outcomes, from heart-warming through disappointing to devastating."

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Andrei Sergeyevich ProzorovIsaac Miller
OlgaAbby Harms
MashaKate Donoghue
IrinaNellie Ognacevic
Natalya IvanovnaCarla Hamilton
Fyodor Ilch KulginNate Hults
Alexander Ignatyevich VershininShane Donegan
Nikolai Lvovich TuzenbakhBen Lee
Vasily Vasilyevich SolyonySteve Selwa
Ivan Romanovich ChebutkinJonathan Plotnick
Alexei Petrovich FedotikKristen Chmielewski
Vladimir Karlovich RodeCindy Reiter
FerapontSteve Selwa
AnfisaKatie Haynes

Production Staff

DirectorNeil Blackadder
Assistant DirectorsDevan Cameron
Samantha Newport
Stage ManagerLauren Neiheisel
Assistant Stage ManagersJosh Gunter
Ivy Reid
Scenic DesignerCraig Choma
Lighting DesignerCraig Choma
Assistant Lighting DesignerRyn Flynn
Costume DesignerMatthew Hundley
Sound DesignerAlex Robertson
Sound Board OperatorLyle Lippincott
Props DesignerMarina Capizzi
Assistant Props DesignersLyle Lippincott
David Wawzenek
Hair/ Makeup DesignerAlicia Vallorani
DramaturgeKat Reiser
Assistant DramaturgeValerie James
Costume Shop CrewKaterina Chemyhkivska
Kate Donoghue
Peter Glinsmann
Carla Hamilton
Jenna Henning
Matthew Hundley
Franzesca Mayer
Aisha Mergaert
Meredith Noseworthy
Kathleen O'Connor
Analise Rahn
Allison Smith
Scene Shop CrewRob Bauwens
Alix DeWald
Ryn Flynn
John Mast
Anna Munzesheimer
Lauren Neiheisel
Samantha Newport
Liz Picurro
Ivy Reid
Ian Schurr
Rebecca Warner
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