Three Houses Beyond The Fourth Wall
When: February 25 - 28, 2009
Where: Harbach Theatre

Three Houses Beyond The Fourth Wall

Written by    Students in "Theory and Performance" Course
Directed byLindsey Snyder

This performance is a type of experimental theatre known as devised theatre. Devised theatre is improvised in the sense that the actors develop their own dialogue and movement. However, the performances are not improvised. The text, loosely based on myths and fairy tales, has been developed by the students in the theatre course "Theory and Performance." As the class worked through the term, students chose an overall theme -- how individuals create identities within cultures. Myths and fairy tales show what each culture sees as appropriate for the individual. Some of the stories are familiar, such as Sleeping Beauty or Pygmalion. There are moments of comedy and moments of sadness. Some have the very standard happy ending, and some do not. They don't fit neatly into any categories.

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JohnRandy Geary
HannahMikah Berky
MeghanLindsey Murrell
CarolAnnie Ford
Dan/ LeslieEli King
Real Estate Agent/ JanetLisa Choi
Cranked / In Demand
ClaraKelsey Ingle
Mother/ Sarah SilverwomanGloria Feliciano
Maddy/ ButterflyCarlyse Owens
Sage/ Maxton MaxMillionD'Angelo Smith
Jerry Jones JrMichael Kaminski
Before I Wake
RoseAnalise Rahn
SleepSamantha Newport
Wise WomanKathryn Haynes
King/ PrinceBen Lee
Paper Seller/ TownspersonRohel Terrazas
TownspersonMatthew Becker

Production Staff

DirectorLindsey Snyder
Assistant DirectorAdam McDowell
Stage ManagersKathleen Dickenson
Lauren Neiheisel
Costume DesignerAnalise Rahn
Costume ConsultantMargo Shively
Set DesignerEli King
Set ConsultantCraig Choma
Lighting DesignerKathleen Dickenson
Lighting ConsultantCraig Choma
Sound DesignersLauren Neiheisel
Alix DeWald
Master ElectricianKathryn Haynes
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