The Serpent
When: May 19, 20, 21, & 22, 2010
Where: Studio Theatre

The Serpent

Written by    Jean-Claude van Itallie
Directed byJeff Grace

The Serpent is a piece of improvisational theatre that explores the human condition by relating events from the Book of Genesis to modern experiences and contemporary human sentiments. The play examines the human battle between self-gratification and obedience to external authority by conjuring questions of choice, freedom, fear, love, hatred, violence, guilt, and dreams of a lost paradise. Our production experimented with theatrical techniques that include ensemble characterization, physical pastiche, transformational acting, videography, repetition, and postmodern imagery.

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The Serpent surrounds with sense and memory


The EnsembleKathryn Haynes
Nate Hults
Lyle Lippincott
Robin Mahung
Anna Munzesheimer
Nellie Ognacevic
Jay Robillard
Alex Shi
Avery Wigglesworth

Production Staff

DirectorJeff Grace
Stage ManagerAlix DeWald
Assistant Stage ManagerIvy Reid
Dance CaptainAvery Wigglesworth
Technical DirectorCraig Choma
Scenic DesignerCraig Choma
VideographyAlex Lindgren
Props MasterGloria Feliciano
Properties AssistantRebecca Warner
Scenic ArtistAlix DeWald
Scenery & Lighting StaffRob Bauwens
Alix DeWald
Ryn Flynn
Anna Munzesheimer
Ivy Reid
Carlyse Owens
Liz Picurro
Lauren Neiheisel
Becky Warner
John Mast
Samantha Newport
Scene Shop VolunteersJack Dryden
Marina Capizzi
Robert McCarty
Run CrewJosh Gunter
Liz Picurro
Costume DesignerAnalise Rahn
Director of Costume DesignMargo Shively
Costume Studio AssistantsPeter Glinsmann
Franzesca Mayer
Carla Hamilton
Allisen Smith
Analise Rahn
Kathleen O'Connor
Kathleen Donoghue
Erica Bailley
Meredith Noseworthy
Aisha Mergaert
Lighting DesignerRyn Flynn
Master ElectricianLiz Picurro
Lighting Board OperatorAlix DeWald
Sound DesignerKeegan Siebken
Sound Board OperatorIvy Reid

Administrative Staff

ChairpersonElizabeth Carlin-Metz
House ManagerAbby Harms
Assistant House ManagerKathleen Donoghue
ReservationsAlicia Vallorani
Box OfficeAlicia Vallorani
ProgramLevi Flair
Advertising DesignsLevi Flair
PublicityTheatre Advisory Board (TAB)
Cindy Reiter
Peter Bailley
The Ensemble
UshersThe Ensemble
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