The Secret in the Wings
When: February 26 & 27, March 2, 4, & 6 2016
Where: Studio Theatre


The Secret in the Wings

Written by    Mary Zimmerman
Directed byJeff Grace

The Secret in the Wings adapts two European folk tales and four lesser-known fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm to comment on the power of storytelling and how it can teach enduring lessons about life and love. The play asks its audience to consider what is hidden in the wings of our collected consciousness. We are encouraged to question and sometimes not trust our own eyes, particularly because some things are not always what they appear to be. The intermingling of these stories builds a landscape of mystery and curiosity that supports Friedrich Schiller’s illustration that “deeper meaning lies in fairy tales told in my childhood years than in the truth that we are taught by life."

Seating is limited. Reservations are strongly encouraged.
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Heidi/ Crawlsplace Girl/ Allerleira's CompanionJulie Wertheimer
Heidi's Mother/ Nursemaid/ Mother of the Crawlspace GirlNatalie Polechonski
Heidi's Father/ Father of Princess Who Wouldn't Laugh/ Father of the Crawlspace GirlCaleb Awe
Mr. Fitzpatrick/ Father of the Seven SonsHolden Meier
Blind Queen Prince/ Herr Schmidt/ Singer/ Son of the Blind QueenDakota Stipp
Blind Queen Prince/ Sir Andrew/ Allerleira's Father/ Allerleira's KingIan Tully
Blind Queen Prince/ Señor Dave/ Husband of the Snake Leaves PrincessTristan Yi
Blind Queen/ Lady-in-Waiting/ Princess of the Snake Leaves/ SingerNiki Acton
Blind Queen/ Daughter of the Father with Seven SonsMiranda Curtis
Blind Queen/ AllerleiraEmily Trevor
The Princess Who Wouldn't Laugh/ Allerleira's CompanionTheresa Murphy
Ambassador/ StrangerPadraig Sullivan
Singer/ Allerleira's CompanionSophie Utpadel

Production Staff

DirectorJeff Grace
Assistant DirectorMegan Smith
Stage ManagerEmma Lipson
Assistant Stage ManagersBrady Comenduley
Aidan Murphy
Scenic DesignerCraig Choma
Costume DesignersMargo Shively
Willa Coufal
Costumes Crew ChiefRen Barkey
Lighting DesignersCraig Choma
Sophia Click
Sound DesignerJoel Schleicher
Properties DesignerTrevor Marshall
Properties SupervisorMegan Smith
Scenic Painting SupervisorEmma Lister
Technical DirectorCraig Choma
Assistant Technical DirectorMarty Helms
Master CarpenterIan Tully
Master ElectricianNiki Acton
Light Board OperatorEmma Lipson
Sound Board OperatorAidan Murphy
DressersRen Barkey
Jayel Gant
Amalia Hertel

Administrative Staff

ProducerNeil Blackadder
Production ManagerJulie Wertheimer
Company ManagerSophia Click
Poster DesignerSammie Zimay
Program Designer Holden Meier
Run CrewBrady Comenduley
Ben Rezko
House ManagerCaroline Foulk
Box Office ManagerJordan Hurst
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