The Island of Slaves
When: Oct 28-31, 2015 @ 7:30
Where: Harbach Theatre


The Island of Slaves

Written by    Pierre Marivaux
Directed byNeil Blackadder

Four survivors of a shipwreck – a gentleman and his valet, a lady and her maid – find themselves on an unusual island, occupied some years earlier by former slaves. When people get stranded here, they must switch roles: servants become masters, masters find out what it’s like to be servants. Marivaux’s play, which premiered in Paris in 1725, is at once an enchanting commedia dell’arte-inspired comedy and a resonant exploration of power relations. The director refined his own translation from the French (and the production approach) through a collaborative rehearsal process.

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IphicratesLee Foxall
HarlequinVan Johnson
IslanderParker Adams
IslanderKatie Greve
IslanderNabiha Mansoor
IslanderPeter Rule
CléanthisHanna Levine
EuphrosyneSophie Utpadel

Production Staff

DirectorNeil Blackadder
Assistant DirectorMegan Smith
Stage ManagerEmma Lipson
Assistant Stage ManagersAidan Murphy
John Flanagan
Ly Luong
Scene DesignerCraig Choma
Scenic ArtistCraig Choma
Technical DirectorCraig Choma
Scenery / Lighting StaffNic Chapin
Moriah Chermak
Stephen Ford
Sophie Click
Brady Comenduley
Danny Donnelly
Nathan Levine
Emma Lipson
Gregg Miller
Julia Porter
Ben Rezko
Joel Schleicher
Eunice Shek
Scene Shop VolunteersJasmine Artis
Jack Harman
Andre Leewright
Trevor Marshall
Theresa Murphy
Mitchell Sullens
Ali Sweet
THTR 121: Design Technology for Stage & Screen
Costume DesignerMargo Shively
Assistant Costume DesignerJayel Gant
Costume Studio AssistantsMorgon Jellison
Katie Hutton
Kristina Mengis
Willa Coufal
Jayel Gant
Ren Barkley
Costume Shop VolunteersBridget Barnhart
Amber Fang
Caroline Ahlgreen
Nhi Cung
Tate Shumaker
Joel Schleicher
THTR 224
Hair and Make-UpJayel Gant
Lighting DesignerCraig Choma
Master ElectricianSophie Click
Lighting Board OperatorEmma Lipson
Videography DesignerMali Garten
Sound DesignerSavannah Trent
Assistant Sound DesignerAlicoe Sweet
Sound EngineerJoel Schleicher
Sound Board OperatorJohn Flanagan
Props MasterRen Barkey

Administrative Staff

ChairpersonNeil Blackadder
House ManagementEmma Lipson
Student Volunteers
Reservations & TicketsJordan Horst
Box OfficeStudent Volunteers
Poster DesignDonna Boguslasvsky
ProgramsJordan Hurst
PublicityPeter Bailley
Jordan Hurst
Cast & Crew
UshersStudent Volunteers
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