The Green Bird
When: February 28, March 2, 5, 7, & 9, 2013
Where: Harbach Theatre

The Green Bird

Written by    Carlo Gozzi
Directed byElizabeth Carlin-Metz

From the world of commedia dell'arte, Gozzi fashions his fiaba--the fairy tale. A wicked queen, a foolish king, an imprisoned queen, twin babies spirited out of the castle and the clutches of the murderous queen, the kindly sausage seller and his wife, animals and statues come to life, singing fruit, and a musical fountain turn philosophy on its head and take an amused, and sometimes scathing, look at humanity. Despite creating a world of improvised zaniness, magical transformation, and delightful illusion, there lies beneath the mockery and ribaldry a dizzying tension between order and disorder, where the rules of the game may just be utterly unreliable.

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TartagliaSteve Selwa
TartaglionaLena Brandis
NinettaRose Dolezal
RenzoAndrew Purvis
BarbarinaEmily Passarelli
PompeaPaula Castaños
CalmonJohn Bird
BrighellaJmaw Moses
TruffaldinoJonathan Plotnick
SmeraldinaKathleen Gullion
PantaloneOakton Reynolds
Green BirdChloë Luetkemeyer
SerpentinaEmily Antoff
Green Bird PrinceJacob Schneider
QueenMya Kahler
Prince MichaelAnung of the Grassy Narrow Anishinabe
PuppeteersHannah Compton
Missy Preston
Carissmo, the dogJamie Ruml
Tartaglonia's maidJo Niederhoff
Barbarina's maidRachel Fisher
Palace ServantsRachel Fisher
Paul Kenney
Jo Niederhoff
Jacob Schneider
Lion & TigerPaul Kenny
Neil Phelps
Singing ApplesSam Auch
Paula Castaños
Jordyn Stewart
Avery Wigglesworth
Rioba BrothersRachel Fisher
Alyssa Gill
Jamie Ruml
Jacob Schneider
Statue of TrevisioAlyssa Gill
Instrumental EnsembleSam Brownson
Allison Gains
Emily Harvey
John Hewlet
Miranda Loeber
Paul Lurenz III
Franzesca Mayer

Production Staff

DirectorElizabeth Carlin-Metz
Assistant DirectorEmily Antoff
Stage ManagerRebekah Heusel
Assistant Stage ManagersAllisen Diamond
Jesse Mitchell
Scenic DesignersMarina Capizzi
Craig Choma
Videography DesignersMarina Capizzi
Craig Choma
Lighting DesignersCraig Choma
Emily Harvey
Costume DesignerFranzesca Mayer
Music Director & ComposerSam Brownson
ChoreographersChloë Luetkemeyer
Avery Wigglesworth
Text/ Dialogue CoachesEmily Antoff
Jordyn Stewart
Movement CoachAvery Wigglesworth
Properties DesignersKathleen Gullion
Emily Passarelli
Sound DesignersJohn Bird
Jonathan Plotnick
Sound Board OperatorEmily Ioppolo
Run CrewMarina Capizzi
Nicholas Chapin
Allisen Diamond
Bridget Golembiewski
Jesse Mitchell
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