The Caffe Cino project
When: October 29-November 1, 2014 & October 29-November 1, 2014
Where: Studio Theatre


The Caffe Cino project

Written by    
Directed byJeff Grace

In 1958, a gay owned and operated coffeehouse known as the Caffe Cino opened in New York’s Greenwich Village and slowly began staging works by budding young playwrights. This café-turned-theatre initiated the rise of the 1960s Off-Off-Broadway movement. Utilizing detailed forensic design, the Department of Theatre will reconstruct the Cino coffeehouse inside Knox’s Studio Theatre in order to present the following four productions originally produced at the Caffe:

The Bed – by Robert Heide
An existential consideration of boredom, inaction, and existence in the relationship of two homosexual lovers as they struggle to get out of bed.

A Funny Walk Home – by Jeff Weiss
A mother and father learn the consequences of enforced therapy as they welcome home the son they committed to an institution as a young boy.

Who Killed My Bald Sister Sophie? – by Tom Eyen
Two sisters reveal the truth behind their sibling rivalry as lies and confessions unfold in the surreal atmosphere of memory.

Daddy Violet – by George Birimisa
Actors contemplate their identity through improvised exercises that invoke horrific images of the Vietnam War.

Further, in the spirit of historical Off-Off-Broadway, the Caffe Cino Project will also host one week of performances of two student-directed and student-written new plays.




A Funny Walk Home
SteveIan Tully
BillJohn Bird
EstelleNatalie Polechonski
RichardHolden Meier
Reverend DunncombePadraig Sullivan
The Bed
JimAndrew Purvis
JackTristan Yi
Who Killed My Bald Sister Sophie?
HannaKathleen Gullion
SophieSam Auch
ArizonaLee Foxall
BarkerPadraig Sullivan
Daddy Violet
GeorgeAndrew Purvis
DanHolden Meier
SylvienneMoriah Chermak

Production Staff

DirectorJeff Grace
Assistant DirectorAmalia Hertel
Stage ManagerEmily Ioppolo
Associate Stage ManagerAnna Karwowska
Assistant Stage ManagersTaylor Schulze
Emma Lipson
Technical DirectorCraig Choma
Assistant Technical DirectorJacob Schneider
Scenic DesignerCraig Choma
Scenic ArtistsCraig Choma
Emma Lister
Scenery / Lighting StaffMoriah Chermak
Sophie Click
Danny Donnelly
Stephen Ford
Katie Greve
Emily Ioppolo
Gregg Miller
Ian Tully
Scene Shop VolunteersEvelyn Coffin
Rebecca Katz
Nathan Levine
Emma Lipson
Joel Schleicher
Eunice Shek
Emma Van Steenwyk
Students from THTR 121
Costume DesignerMiranda Loeber
Costume DesignerMiranda Loeber
Costume ConsultantMargo Shively
Hair and Make-UpChloe Vollenweider
Costume Studio AssistantsMiranda Loeber
Andrew Purvis
Auty Rohweder
Emily Trevor
Chloe Vollenweider
Costume Shop VolunteersKatie Hutton
Willa Coufal
Jayel Gant
Kristina Mangis
Michelangelo Pori
Lighting DesignerCraig Choma
Master ElectricianSophie Click
Lighting Board OperatorTaylor Schulze
Sound DesignerJoel Schleicher
Sound Board OperatorEmily Ioppolo
Props MastersJessica Chrzan
Julia Porter

Administrative Staff

ChairpersonNeil Blackadder
House ManagerJordan Hurst
Reservation & TicketsAmy Roth
Jeff Grace
Box OfficeEmma Lipson
Poster & Menu DesignEmma Lister
ProgramsJeff Grace
PublicityPeter Bailley
Cast & Crew
UshersStudent Volunteers
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