The Bald Soprano
When: May 5 & 6, 2017 @ 7:30
Where: Studio Theatre

The Bald Soprano

Written by    Eugene Ionesco
Directed byJoel Schleicher

The Bald Soprano and was Eugene Ionesco's first play to be produced. Taking place in a quaint English home, The Bald Soprano is a witty commentary on the meaninglessness of communication in the modern era. Featuring two couples, a maid, and a fire chief, this nonsensical play also discusses topics such as identity, memory, and the proper use of doorbells.


Mr. MartinJennie Jeoung
Mrs. MartinPete Petersen
Mr. SmithTim Stout
Mrs. SmithDianna Medic
MaryKatherine Asteriadou
Fire ChiefTrisha Duke

Production Staff

DirectorJoel Schleicher
Stage ManagersNabiha Mansoor
Riley Nelson
Costume DesignerKristina Mengis
SetTrevor Marshall
LightingDanielle Freeman
SoundLaura Lee
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