When: April 6-7, 2018 @ 7:30
Where: Harbach Theatre


Written by    Allie Boysen & Hallie Borden
Directed byAllie Boysen

The name of the game is Paranoia, and six brand new college kids are about to have one hell of a play. Returning home from winter break brings high school best friends back together, but the tragedy that happened 6 months earlier looms behind them at each interaction. Alex is tired of not knowing what exactly happened the summer night her best friend Leia died, and Alex knows Dylan had something to do with it. With the help of her closest comrade, Emer, she comes up with the plan to interrogate Dylan through popular party games. But when Dylan figures out what’s going on, they decide to have a little bit of their own fun. Full of secrets, big reveals, drama, and a giant cliffhanger, Paranoia leaves not only the partygoers, but also the audience, feeling exactly just that... Paranoid.


PaxVan Johnson
AlexShannon Mindlin
EmerLara Braverman
DylanJoel Schleicher
CaraSam Williamson
MattJosiah Schock
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