Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere
When: February 25 & 27, March 1, 3, & 5 2016
Where: Harbach Theatre


Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere

Written by    Neil Gaiman
Directed byElizabeth Carlin-Metz

An ordinary young man on an ordinary day in ordinary London stumbles into an extraordinary girl, who literally falls across his path. Thinking only to help her up, suddenly he is swept down into her mysterious subterranean world of “London Below,” as she flees to escape from assassins and determine who murdered her family and why. Gaiman’s hero quest novel explores fantasy visions of cruelty and innocence, vulnerability and courage, and the lives of the dispossessed, unseen and trapped within in the gaps of modern society.


Richard MayhewMicah Snow-Cobb
Old WomanDanielle Freeman
Mister CroupZak Metalsky
GaryTrevor Marshall
SylviaSammie Zimay
JessicaJayel Gant
DoorMartha Brown
Crrppllrr/ AnaesthesiaMoriah Chermak
Longtail/ Brother SableMichelangelo Pori
The Marquis de CarabasIan Tully
Old BaileyHolden Meier
Sales AgentOlivia Thiel
Flat-ShopperHanna Levine
Portico/ Ordeal ManPadraig Sullivan
The Lord Rat-SpeakerEmma Lister
LamiaSophia Click
Varney/ The EarlKatie Greve
HunterJordan Hurst
The Fop/ The AbbotBen Rezko
Tooley/ Brother FuliginousAidan Murphy
The Angel IslingtonCaleb Awe
Ordeal WomanRen Barkey
HammersmithDakota Stipp
The Beast of LondonBen Rezko
Padraig Sullivan
Olivia Thiel
Sammie Zimay
Rat EnsembleAmalia Hertel
Emma Lister
Joel Schleicher
Dakota Stipp
Olivia Thiel
Pigeon EnsembleAmalia Hertel
Emma Lister
Joel Schleicher
Olivia Thiel
Office EnsembleKatie Greve
Amalia Hertel
Hanna Levine
Holden Meier
Michelangelo Pori
Dakota Stipp
Padraig Sullivan
Commuter & Market EnsemblesRen Barkey
Moriah Chermak
Sophia Click
Danielle Freeman
Jayel Gant
Katie Greve
Amalia Hertel
Hanna Levine
Emma Lister
Sarah Lowe
Trevor Marshall
Aidan Murphy
Michelangelo Pori
Ben Rezko
Joel Schleicher
Dakota Stipp
Padraig Sullivan
Olivia Thiel
Sammie Zimay

Production Staff

DirectorElizabeth Carlin-Metz
Assistant DirectorNiki Acton
Stage ManagerEmily Trevor
Assistant Stage ManagersMiranda Curtis
Caroline Foulk
Sarah Lowe
Scenic DesignerCraig Choma
Costume DesignersMargo Shively
Chloe Vollenweider
Costumes Crew ChiefJayel Gant
Lighting DesignersCraig Choma
Sophia Click
Sound DesignerDakota Stipp
Videography DesignerTristan Yi
Properties DesignerNatalie Polechonski
Properties SupervisorMegan Smith
Scenic Painting SupervisorEmma Lister
Beast DesignerrOlivia Thiel
Movement CoachEmily Trevor
Fight CaptainMorgan Jellison
Technical DirectorCraig Choma
Assistant Technical DirectorMarty Helms
Master CarpenterIan Tully
Master ElectricianSophia Click
Lighting Board OperatorEmily Trevor
Sound Board OperatorJulie Wertheimer
Videography Board OperatorMiranda Curtis
DressersWilla Coufal
Chloe Vollenweider
Sophie Utpadel

Administrative Staff

ProducerNeil Blackadder
Production ManagerJulie Wertheimer
Company ManagerSophia Click
Poster DesignerKatie Greve
Program DesignerHolden Meier
Run CrewBrady Comenduley
Caroline Foulk
Emma Lipson
Theresa Murphy
Natalie Polechonski
Megan Smith
House ManagerNatalie Polechonski
Box Office ManagerNiki Acton
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