Mosque Alert
When: Feb. 25-28, 2015 @7:30
Where: Harbach Theatre


Mosque Alert

Written by    Jamil Khoury
Directed byNeil Blackadder

In producing Mosque Alert, Knox contributed to the development of a new play by Jamil Khoury, Artistic Director of Chicago theatre company Silk Road Rising. Khoury visited campus several times before and during rehearsals and production, and presented and led discussions of several videos made by his company to the entire campus community. Mosque Alert went on to be produced professionally at Silk Road Rising in Chicago, among other productions.

Mosque Alert tells the story of two suburban American families living in Naperville, Illinois - one nominally Christian, the other observantly Muslim - who find their lives intertwined and interrupted by a proposal to build a new mosque in their community. The proposed Islamic Center of DuPage Country is a large, architecturally ambitious complex slated to be built on the site of a much beloved though now defunct church in Naperville's downtown. Part docudrama, part agitprop theatre, part family ruckus, Mosque Alert explores who we are as 21st Century Americans amidst debates about community, identity, religious pluralism, multiculturalism, Islamophobia, national security, and civil rights.


Ted BakerTrevor Marshall
Tawfiq HusseinZair Zahid
Ayesha KhanAlexia Vasilopoulos
Mustafa KhanCaleb Awe
Carl BakerBen Rezko
Hadiya HusseinJayel Gant
Aminah HusseinAyesha Ismael Fariz
Emily BakerSammie Zimay
Jennifer BakerNgan Le
Farid HusseinZak Metalsky
Daniel BakerJohn Bird

Production Staff

DirectorNeil Blackadder
Stage ManagerAnna Karwowska
Assistant Stage ManagersJamie Gavin
Emma Lipson
Technical DirectorCraig Choma
Assistant Technical DirectorJacob Schneider
Scenic DesignerCraig Choma
Scenic ArtistCraig Choma
Scenery / Lighting StaffNic Chapin
Moriah Chermak
Sophie Click
Danny Donnelly
Stephen Ford
Katie Greve
Emily Ioppolo
Nathan Levine
Emma Lipson
Gregg Miller
Rhiannon Neuville-Norton
Ian Tully
Scene Shop VolunteersBrady Comenduley
Emily Harvey
Andre Leewright
Joel Schleicher
Eunice Shek
Students of Theatre 121: Design & Technology for Stage & Screen
Costume DesignersMargo Shively
Chloe Vollenweider
Costume Studio AssistantsMiranda Loeber
Andrew Purvis
Auty Rohweder
Carly Berinstein
Emily Trevor
Willa Coufal
Jayel Gant
Morgan Jellison
Chloe Vollenweider
Katie Hutton
Kristina Mengis
Lighting DesignerCraig Choma
Assistant Lighting DesignerAndrew Purvis
Master ElectricianEmily Ioppolo
Lighting Board OperatorAnna Karwowska
Sound DesignerJoel Schleicher
Sound Board OperatorJoel Schleicher
Props MasterHanna Levine
DramaturgMartha Brown

Administrative Staff

ChairpersonNeil Blackadder
House ManagerJordan Hurst
Reservation & TicketsSam Auch
Box OfficeSam Auch
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Poster DesignCraig Choma
ProgramsSam Auch
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