Millennium Approaches
When: Feb 25 – Mar 6, 2010
Where: Harbach Theatre


Millennium Approaches

Written by    Tony Kushner
Directed byKelly Lynn Hogan

Set in New York in the 1980's, Millennium Approaches and Perestroika depict a nation on the brink of a new millennium, corrupt and broken, but with a determination to "get it right." An angry angel and an unwilling gay prophet challenge America to examine itself politically, socially, and spiritually, and to step into the new century with the courage to act with justice, compassion, and freedom from prejudice. Struggling against the fear of chance and change, all of the characters do battle with the deep psychological and societal forces that breed fears of loss and abandonment, illness and death, self and other. Despite their fears, they force themselves to pursue a "painful progress" toward the hope of inclusion and respect for all of America's citizens, regardless of sexuality, race, or faith. "The great work begins."

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Prior WalterJack Dryden
Louis IronsonNoel Sherrard
Joseph Porter PittAlex Lindgren
Harper Amaty PittCaroline Elizabeth Castro
Roy M. CohnChristopher Bakka
Belize (Norman Ariaga)D'Angelo Smith
Hannah Porter PittAbigail Harms
EmilyAlexandra LeFlore
Mr. LiesLindsey Murrell
Rabbi Isidor ChemelwitzKathleen Donoghue
HenrySamantha Newport
Martin HellerNate Hults
Ethel RosenbergLyle Lippincott
Prior 1Gloria Feliciano
Prior 2Shane Donegan
The AngelDevan Cameron
The Women in the South BronxKathryn Haynes
Four Divine Vocal EmanationsDevan Cameron
Kathleen Donoghue
Anna Munzesheimer
Alicia Vallorani
EnsembleKristen Chmielewski
Carla Hamilton
Kathryn Haynes
Nate Hults
Ryn Flynn
Nellie Ognacevic
Liz Picurro
Keegan Siebken
Allisen Smith
Pat Topping

Production Staff

DirectorKelly Lynn Hogan
Sound DesignerPier Debes
Scenic DesignerCraig Choma
Lighting DesignerCraig Choma
Technical DirectorCraig Choma
Co-Lighting DesignRyn Flynn
Assistant Technical DirectorsJohn Mast
Ian Schurr
Videography DesignersCraig Choma
Jack Dryden
Willi Goehring
Alex Lindgren
Costume DesignerAnalise Rahn
Properties DesignerGloria Feliciano
Makeup DesignerKathleen Donoghue
Stage ManagerLauren Neiheisel
Movement CoachLindsey Murrell
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