Maple and Vine
When: May 7-10, 2014
Where: Harbach Theatre


Maple and Vine

Written by    Jordan Harrison
Directed byNeil Blackadder


by Jordan Harrison
directed by Neil Blackadder

Katha and Ryu, a young married couple in present-day New York, realize their lives rarely make them happy. Would they have been more content in the 1950s? A chance meeting gives them the opportunity to find out—to join a community dedicated to recreating a society with different, simpler values. Jordan Harrison uses this ingenious premise to explore revealing contrasts between the 21st-century world of plastic surgery, smartphones, and sushi, and the 1950s—when only the husbands went to work and the wives sewed their own dresses. Harrison’s clever play offers delightful entertainment but also compels us to reflect on the choices we all must make about how to live and whom to love.




Katha/KathyEmily Passarelli
RyuTristan Yi
DeanErik Dohner
Ellen/JennaPaula Castanos
Roger/OmarDakota Stipp

Production Staff

DirectorNeil Blackadder
Assistant DirectorEmily Antoff
Stage ManagerJesse Mitchell
Associate Stage ManagerEmily Ioppolo
Assistant Stage ManagerAnna Karwowska
Scene/Lighting/Video DesignerCraig Choma
Assistant Video DesignerEllie Ryzeck
Costume DesignerMargo Shively
Carly Berinstein
Sound DesignerJackie Hewelt
Assistant Sound DesignerEllie Ryzeck
Co Hair/Makeup DesignersHannah Compton
Chloë Luetkemeyer
Props DesignerJordyn Stewart
DramaturgsBridget Golembiewski
Video PhotographersSofia Drummond-Moore
Jake Maryott
Technical DirectorCraig Choma
Master ElectricianJacob Schneider
Lighting Board OperatorJesse Mitchell
Sound Board OperatorEllie Ryzeck
Video OperatorJacob Schneider
Scene Shop AssistantsMoriah Chermak
Greg Miller
Hannah Black
Sophie Click
Emily Cooney
Danny Donnelly
Avecena Hollingsworth
Emily Ioppolo
Nathan Johlas
Paul Kenney
Gregg Miller
Rhiannon Neuville-Norton
Jacob Schneider
Michael Smid
Jordyn Stewart
Run CrewJo Niederhoff
Emily Ioppolo
Anna Karwowska
DresersCostume Studio Assistants
Costume Studio AssistantsChloë Vollenwieder
Hannah Compton
Molly Olson
Miranda Loeber
Carly Berinstein

Administrative Staff

ChairpersonMlizabeth Carlin-Metz
House ManagerMegan Smith
Reservation & TicketsSam Auch
Box OfficeSam Auch
Student Volunteers
Poster DesignMolly Olson
ProgramsSam Auch
PublicityPeter Bailley
Sam Auch
Cast & Crew
UshersStudent Volunteers
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