Learning Plays
When: Feb. 21-24, 2018 @ 7:30 pm
Where: Harbach Theatre


Learning Plays

Written by    Bertolt Brecht
Directed byNeil Blackadder

In the late 1920s, Brecht wrote several Lehrstücke, short “learning plays” which addressed specific ethical and political questions by outlining and developing simple emblematic situations. In our production, an ensemble of eight actors presents "He Who Says Yes"/"He Who Says No" and “The Exception and the Rule.”

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Pete Petersen
Noa Quilantan
Anna Rhodes
Joel Willison
Einar Pieler
Shannon Mindlin
Casey Brayndick
Sebastiano Masi

Production Staff

DirectorNeil Blackadder
Assistant DirectorSarah Lowe
Assistant DirectorAllison Stout
Stage ManagerEliza Dehlin
Set DesignerCraig Choma
Lighting DesignerCraig Choma
Co-Lighting DesignerZak Metalsky
VideographerCraig Choma
Technical DirectorCraig Choma
Master ElectricianEmma Lipson
Sound DesignerJoel Schleicher
Costume DesignerMargo Shively
Assistant Costume DesignerPeter Rule
Props DesignerNatasha Caudill
DramaturgAidan Murphy
ComposerAidan Murphy
Movement CoachCasey Brayndick
Light Board OperatorEliza Dehlin
Sound Board OperatorMarion Frank
Violence ChoreographerMitchel Boyle
Scene Shop Teaching AssistantsMitchel Boyle
Brady Comenduley
Jack Harman
Jennie Jeoung
Emma Lipson
Ben Rezko
Joel Schleicher
Josiah Schock
Eunice Shek
Cammie Sten
Joel Willison
Scene Shop VolunteersKatherine Asteriadou
Marion Frank
Zak Metalsky
Nico Colangelo
Jo Hill
Costume Shop Teaching AssistantsWilla Coufal
Jayel Gant
Nola Thompson
Ren Barkey
Peter Rule
Olivia Lemke
Flora Florova
Evelyn Young
Paula Pierce
Costume Shop VolunteersKaelyn Melrose
Mari Hockett
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