Jimmy's Space Drama
When: February 21-22, 2020 @ 7:30 pm
Where: Studio Theatre

Jimmy's Space Drama

Written by    Megan Molloy
Directed byCharmaine Van Kirk

Jimmy Walker is trying to write the truth. More specifically, he’s trying to write a memoir. It’s not amoney thing--Space Path, an intergalactic sci-fi adventure series, did very well, thanks--so much as acatharsis. That’s how his editor Edith pitched it to him, anyway. “It’s like therapy you get paid for,” shesaid. “Get through the bullshit, write it out, and then we’ll know what we’re dealing with.” And, sure, itsounded easy--everything sounds easy when Edith says it--but now Jimmy’s got a contract, adeadline, and a bunch of mommy issues to write about. He may never sleep again.

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