In the Next Room or the Vibrator Play
When: February 26 - March 1, 2014
Where: Harbach Theatre

In the Next Room or the Vibrator Play

Written by    Sarah Ruhl
Directed byElizabeth Carlin-Metz

Celebrated in the Sears and Roebuck catalogue among sewing machines, tea kettles, fans, and toasters as “aids that women appreciate”, a marvelous new electromechanical instrument is introduced to Victorian medicine and society to rescue husbands with unruly wives from Freud’s dreaded “female hysteria”. Sarah Ruhl’s In The Next Room or the vibrator play presents Catherine Givings, a lively young wife struggling with the constraints imposed on proper ladies, who, along with their intellect, passion, and sexuality were laced tightly into corsets, as they swooned decorously onto fainting couches; but the parade of female patients and the mysterious sounds emanating from her husband’s medical examining room compel Catherine to discover just what is behind the door. Lyrical and funny, yet moving and thoughtful, this contemporary play is an adult meditation on the irrepressible nature of passion.




Catherine GivingsRose Dolezal
Dr. GivingsNeil Phelps
AnnieSam Auch
Mr. DaldryPadraig Sullivan
Sabrina DaldryGrace Moran
ElizabethJordan Hurst
Leo IrvingIan Tully

Production Staff

DirectorElizabeth Carlin-Metz
Assistant DirectorMegan Smith
Stage ManagerRebekah Heusel
Associate Stage ManagersJesse Mitchell
Emily Ioppolo
Assistant Stage ManagerEmily Trevor
Technical DirectorCraig Choma
Scene/Lighting/Video DesignerCraig Choma
Scene Shop AssistantsHannah Black
Sophie Click
Emily Cooney
Danny Donnelly
Emily Harvey
Avecena Hollingsworth
Emily Ioppolo
Nathan Johlas
Paul Kenney
Gregg Miller
Rhiannon Neuville-Norton
Jacob Schneider
Michael Smid
Jordyn Stewart
Run CrewJesse Mitchell
Emily Trevor
Emma Van Stenwyk
Costume DesignerMargo Shively
Hannah Compton
Costume Studio AssistantsHannah Compton
Molly Olson
Miranda Loeber
Carly Berinstein
Andrew Purvis
Alyssa Kennamer
Evelyn Langley
Emily Hastings
Auty Rohweder
Chloë Luetkemeyer
Chloe Vollenweider
Emily Trevor
Lighting DesignerCraig Choma
Lighting Board OperatorRebekah Hesuel
Sound DesignerDakota Stipp
Sound Board OperatorEmily Ioppolo
Props MasterJacob Schneider
Emily Cooney

Administrative Staff

ChairpersonMlizabeth Carlin-Metz
House ManagerMegan Smith
Natalie Polechonski
Reservation & TicketsSam Auch
Poster DesignCraig Choma
PublicityOffice of Communications
Theatre Advisory Board
UshersStudent Volunteers
Departmental Student SecretarySam Auch
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