When: November 2-3, 2018 @7:30
Where: Studio Theatre


Written by    Amiri Baraka
Directed byJoel Willison

The Dutchman is a searing two-character confrontation that begins playfully but builds rapidly in suspense and symbolic resonance. Set on a New York subway train, the play opens with a well-dressed, intellectual, young African American man named Clay absorbed in reading a magazine. He is interrupted by Lula—a flirtatious, beautiful white woman a bit older than he. As Lula suggestively slices and eats an apple, she and Clay tease each other with bantering talk that becomes more and more personal, until they finally confront one another.


Lula:Katherine Asteriadou
Clay:Jelani Givens II
Conductor:Charmaine Van Kirk
Young Person:Jaelyn Harry
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