Doctor Faustus
When: Oct. 27 & 28, 2017 @7:30
Where: Studio Theatre

Doctor Faustus

Written by    Christopher Marlowe
Directed bySarah Lowe

Doctor John Faustus has always been a proud and intelligent scholar, but his thirst for knowledge can no longer be sated by his usual topics of study. An interest in the occult leads him to summon an archdevil companion of his own, Mephistopheles, and to trade his soul for 24 years of absolute power.


Doctor FaustusLara Braverman
MephistophelesMarion Frank
WagnerJames Egan
ChorusRiley Nelson
Simon Rutkowski
Nico Colangelo
Sebastiano Masi
Benjamin Rezko

Production Staff

DirectorSarah Lowe
Stage ManagerMolly Jennings
Set DesignerPeter Rule
Lighting DesignerZak Metalsky
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