A Lie of the Mind
When: Feb 23 – 26, 2011
Where: Harbach Theatre

A Lie of the Mind

Written by    Sam Shepard
Directed byElizabeth Carlin-Metz

ALie of the Mind depicts two families shaken by the tectonic violence lurking beneath the glittering waters of the collective national myths depicting the American Dream, The Family, and The Individual. With aching loss and nostalgia for an America more real in memory than the flesh and now destroyed by the trickle down economics of pragmatism, money, and power, Americans need and yearn for one another, but fail one another with such great regularity that only possession, mistrust, betrayal, and competition are the real economics between us. All we have, Shepard has said, is "ideas that don't speak to our inner self at all..."

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SallyKathleen Donoghue
JakeJoey Firman
BethMya Kahler
MegKate LaRose
LorraineNellie Ognacevic
MikeKeegan Siebken
BaylorJimmy Thornton

Production Staff

DirectorElizabeth Carlin-Metz
Lighting & Set DesignerCraig Choma
Costume DesignerMargo Shively
Videography DesignersJack Dryden
Alex Lindgren
ComposerSam Brownson
Assistant DirectorWarren Grabner
Assistant Costume DesignerAlice Fredrickson
Movement CoachAvery Wigglesworth
Lighting / SetLiz Picurro
Jack Dryden
Hannah Black
Carlyse Owens
Ivy Reid
Marina Capizzi
Anna Munzesheimer
Lauren Neiheisel
Noel Sherrard
Steve Galdek
Emily Harvey
Avecena Hollingsworth
Rebekah Heusel
Nathan Johlas
PropertiesJesse Mitchell
Allison Diamond
Jordyn Stewart
Props MasterCarlyse Owens
Scene DesignersCraig Choma
Alix DeWald
Lauren Neiheisel
Costume Shop CrewFranzesca Mayer
Hannah Compton
Kathleen O'Connor
Brandon Parharm
Alex Robertson
Alyssa Kennamer
Evelyn Langley
Alice Fredrickson
Max Glassner
Kathleen Donoghue
Allison Smith
Makeup DesignerFranzesca Mayer
Sound DesignerEmily Harvey
Sound Board OperatorEmily Harvey
Video OperatorAnna Munzesheimer
Master ElectriciansMarina Capizzi
Ivy Reid
Scene Shop ForemanJohn Mast

Administrative Staff

ChairpersonElizabeth Carlin-Metz
House ManagersIsaac Miller
Chloë Luetkemeyer
PublicityJohnathan Ebbers
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