Theatre students at Knox learn about all areas of theatrical practice by taking courses in performance, literature, history, and design. This learning also occurs outside the classroom through opportunities such as collaborating with professors on faculty-directed productions, working in the scene and costume shops, or participating in the student-directed and student-designed production series in Studio Theatre.

Learning Outcomes for students majoring in theatre:

1. Students will recognize, identify, and analyze genre, structure, and the creation of meaning in playscripts.

2. Students will demonstrate understanding of the processes whereby a playscript is manifested as live storytelling -encompassing non-verbal as well as verbal language- through acting technique, design, dramaturgy, and directing.

3. Students will recognize and identify historically significant authors and movements throughout global theatre history, and the cultural and social realities that governed the origins and evolution of performance.

4. Students will articulate literacy in the verbal and visual vocabulary of theatrical production, including terms and concepts fundamental to acting, design, script analysis, directing, playwriting, and stage mechanics.

5. Students will identify and analyze the social and political implications and effects of performance.

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