Directing in Studio

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One of the most unique aspects of Studio Theatre is that the majority of all productions are student directed. This means you have the opportunity to hold auditions, make your own cast selections, lead rehearsals, and find and work with a production team. There is no better way to experience the many perspectives of theatre than to immerse yourself in this way.

No experience is necessary in order to direct a Bare Stage production. All interested students are encouraged to submit a petition for the production they want to direct. Petitions deadlines occur near the end of each term and should be submitted to the Theatre Advisory Board (TAB) to be considered for the upcoming term.

For more information on how to direct in Studio Theatre, please see the following Important Documents:

Studio Theatre Procedural Overview
Getting Started Directing in Studio Theatre
How To Direct A Stage Reading
Director Contract
Designer Contract
Actor Contract
Studio Theatre Application
Studio Theatre Application Sample

Acting in Studio

Studio Theatre offers acting opportunities that vary from large to small roles depending on the term's production season. Whether or not it is a short bare stage production or a full length show, you are sure to find plenty of opportunities to expand your acting experience!

Whether or not you have been involved with theatre productions before, Studio Theatre offers an excellent opportunity to act for both experienced and novice student directors. No experience necessary. Look for audition information during the first week of each term.

House Managing

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If you are interested in ushering for either a Harbach or a Studio production, please contact either of our house managers, Katherine Asteriadou or Shannon Mindlin

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